Life Groups

Get Connected to a Group that is right for you!

At Crosspointe Baptist Church, we believe that we are not meant to live life alone but in community. Our primary way of getting people connected to community is by becoming part of a life group. Life groups are a great place for sustained life change to happen. In these smaller and more casual settings, everyone has a chance to know and to be known by others. Life groups give us opportunities to be discipled and become all that God desires us to be.

Life Groups are a place for everyone!

Life Group Guide

“Faith” Shelly O’Bryan, Room #R122 Gym. An adult class of men and women focusing on the Bible and its application to everyday life.

“Fusion Youth” Room #R126/R127 Gym.

Elementary classes ranging from preschool – 5th grade, Connect North

Truth Seekers” Chuck Stinnett, Room #R109 Gym.  An adult class of men and women seeking God’s truth through God’s Word.

Friendship” Brent Mallory, Room # 105/106 Connect North. A senior adult class focusing on our relationship with God and our relationship with others.

“Dorcas” Ruth Young, Room #103 Connect North. Dorcas is a senior lady’s class and as mentioned in Acts chapter 9 Dorcas engage Scripture and focus on good works and acts of charity.

“New Beginnings” Susan Toler, Room #117 (Fellowship Hall) Connect North. New Beginnings is a late middle-aged to senior adult couples small group desiring to study, understand, and learn from God’s Word.  We seek opportunities to serve and to assist various church ministries.  Our members value fellowship and relationships. 

Our Life Groups are:

A place to develop meaningful relationships.

A place to learn God’s Word and how to apply it in life.

A place to encourage and be encouraged.

A place to minister and be ministered to.

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